Speck MagFolio Google Pixel Tablet Case

An exceptionally minimal folio case that does everything I need it to do.

Speck MagFolio Google Pixel Tablet Case
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I prefer to have a case on my phone and tablets to protect them from scuffs, and scrapes, make them easier to carry, and possibly even protect them in a fall. Without a case, I'll rarely carry a device around.

When I got my Google Pixel Tablet, I carried it between the den and sat on the Dock on my desk, nowhere else, because it wouldn't really stand up nicely on the back porch patio table, I didn't want to drop it, etc. So I pretty quickly started looking for a case for the tablet. Google's official case with the loop on it is an interesting piece of design but not really what I want in a tablet case. I really like folio cases that cover the screen and can hold the tablet at various angles. I often carry the tablet and Bluetooth keyboard around and I want a case to be between the tablet and keyboard to protect it.

Speck is the first I could see with a folio case, so I purchased one from them directly and got it pretty fast. This is going to be some initial impressions but I will update based on longer-term use in case there are any issues, wear, etc., that come up in ownership.

General Impressions

I like that just like the official dock, the tablet 'snaps' down perfectly in place into the Speck Folio case. The case is designed to quickly remove it from the dock and put it in the case. It even has an indention in the case that makes it even easier to remove the tablet from the case. I've found that very similar to the Dock, just grabbing the edge of the tablet and just lifting it away from the case is the easiest way to remove it. However don't think it's not held securely in the case, as the magnets hold the tablet quite firmly.

General usage of the case is typical of this style of case. The tablet is protected inside of the case when closed, Opening the case and flipping the cover to the rear feels good to hold and isn't in the way, and the case holds the tablet at a variety of angles. The way the case does this is actually well thought out; the Pixel Tablet has rubber feet on the bottom and the case has small grooves that these feet fit into. This is very simple yet very effective and provides 6 angles. The only caveat is that at the lower angles, the tablet isn't very stable as the rubber feet aren't really in the groove very deep. And if the tablet is on an uneven surface this method of holding the tablet up doesn't work well at all, but in most cases it's simple and effective.

The case when closed feels solid and fits well and the cover does not move or slide around. It also feels pretty good in the hand, has a light texture, and feels quite secure to hold and carry. It also has a stylus loop on the outside, but a stylus will also snap onto the back of the case like you can snap it onto the back of the tablet while in use.

The inside of the case is a soft material that doesn't seem likely to damage the tablet in any way. While the tablet is inside the case, there is no obstruction of any ports, speakers, microphone, etc. I've found that unlocking the tablet I can feel the edge of the case near the fingerprint sensor, but it's not really in the way and does not make unlocking difficult or annoying.

Overall the case is very thin and lightweight, very minimal, just the way I like it. The flap that keeps the case closed is very light and lightly magnetic, but it works well and feels secure. Even the rear camera magnetic flap is a tidy way to handle using the rear camera without removing the tablet from the case. The front camera is never obscured.


When I first started using the case I was surprised to find that it was not putting the tablet to sleep or waking it. However, I started testing the tablet directly with a small magnet and found that the tablet itself does not seem to have a sleep/wake sensor, unlike many tablets/phones. This of course is not really directly related to the case, but you may assume the case will sleep/wake the tablet and be disappointed and blame the case.

Suggested Improvements

I wish it had some sort of protection around the edges, even if it were just the same case material just to take light bumps, scuffs, etc. The tablet and case are pretty much flush with each other which I could see leading to the edges of the tablet being potentially bumped and scuffed over time.

The tablet is almost flush with the case.


This case fits all of my needs for a tablet, time will tell how well it holds up. I treat my devices well, but anything can be damaged from daily use. There likely will be more cases to choose from in the future for the Google Pixel Tablet, but so far this is the only one that fits what I'm looking for.