This website will most likely be a thought dump, a random collection of notions, ideas, things I want to note down.  Maybe they'll be of use to you, or future me.

I am a husband, a father, a photographer, an amateur radio operator, a computer geek, and a mountain cyclist.  I am generally known as Khaytsus in many places on the internet, and even own https://khayts.us (it's just a fun graphic, however).

Other interests include geocaching, flashlights, and general electronics, I even purchased a work table and modified it just for my electronic tinkering.  

One thing to note; I link to a lot of random stuff on this site for reference information but there will be no links to products unless I feel it's necessary to explain something I'm talking about but there will never be any affiliate links.  If I link to something it is for information purposes only, if I am advocating something I'll make it clear.