Kemove 61 is junk

The Kemove 61 is unsupported, buggy junk and I've had it with its issues.

Kemove 61 is junk
Pretty. Compact. Junk.

After owning this keyboard for about 18 months I've had it; the forums are full of spam, the promised software and firmware updates never happened, and the keyboard has issues with stuttering that make it impossible to type on reliably.  

I wrote up quite a few Reddit posts on how I thought the Kemove 61 was a great platform to start with, encouraged others to buy it, worked with the Kemove folks to identify bugs, even helped them out with the forum by participating in almost every conversation and mapping out and documenting things that they themselves had not documented.  I gave the keyboard a fair shot, but they just never bothered to fix the primary issue with the keyboard.

On Bluetooth, the keyboard will just endlessly repeat keys until you turn the keyboard off or turn Bluetooth off.  Sometimes it just repeats a few times, sometimes it'll repeat a few random letters in a row, etc.  Even the folks working on a QMK build for the board say they have no idea what's wrong with it; their QMK builds do the same thing.  So is it a hardware issue?  Who knows.  It makes the keyboard unusable.

And then they put out a few minor revisions of the same board, including a $200 option that's just the same junk in an aluminum case.  Sadly most of the reviews on keyboards don't take the time to use them long-term to identify real issues with them.  A few reviews I've seen mention some "Bluetooth connectivity issues" but never go into more detail or blow it off because they only saw it a time or two.  In reality, you might go days without it repeating itself, other days it does it so bad it's unusable.  I've found no rhyme or reason to it, but it does seem to happen less when it's fully charged.  I usually use it 5-10 hours and recharge it so it really never gets very low.  But even at that, I've seen it do it straight off the charger.  And it'll happen on my desktop, tablet, and phone, where my super junk folding Bluetooth keyboard has never stuttered and repeated characters before.

My primary use case for this keyboard is connected to my Android tablet to use said tablet outside, on the couch, etc, with a real keyboard.  I rarely use it on the desktop as I prefer a 75% (tenkeyless) layout at the desktop.  So I primarily use it on Bluetooth (and yes; I use some silly RGB colors..  I often use it in the dark and it comes in handy in that case).  I have used the keyboard at the desktop for a few days in a row on USB and had stuttering issues on USB as well, although they seemed to be rare.  I've also used the keyboard Bluetooth to the desktop and the stuttering happened about as often as on the tablet so I don't think the tablet is at fault.  I believe the keyboard may be internally rebooting or resetting the MCU/CPU which leaves the keycodes in a bad state, such as no key release so the key continues to be repeated.

Sadly I do otherwise like the keyboard; I've bandaid modded the stabilizers and put Kailh Box Jade switches in it and it feels great.  It's lightweight, the battery lasts for a week or more with my usage and it's very configurable once you figure out the software.  But I've put up with it long enough and have replaced it with a Royal Kludge 68 Pro.  A post will be coming shortly on that keyboard, but in summary, I had concerns about how high quality the RK68 would be and have put it through pretty extensive use and testing and so far it seems great.  It's lacking in a few areas but at least it doesn't stutter.