Android. That is all.

I prefer to pick my poison, and I'll eat no apples.

Android.  That is all.
Andy the Android

I realize that Android is in its own way a bit of a closed garden, but much more open than some other competition.  So I am an Android guy, and I will be until something better comes along.  


I have a Pixel 6 as my phone and an Amazon Fire HD10 2019 as my tablet.   I also have a few Fire HD8's around because they make great little ZoneMinder monitors and/or just random book readers and they're dirt cheap on sale.

The Fire HD10 has been de-Amazoned but is still otherwise not rooted, stock, etc.  It's really not a bad device.  Not the fastest, and the battery life when gaming on it isn't great, but it'll get me a week just hosing around on IRC for a couple of hours in the evening using my Bluetooth keyboard.

The Pixel 3 XL is stock, rooted.  Not too much more to say there, I don't do a ton with root that I used to back in the day but it's still important to me for adblocking, making backups, etc.


Android wouldn't be that useful without apps, of which there are 1,639,669,127 and counting in the Play Store.  Here are a few I use daily.


Tasker automates many things on my phone and in the house from turning the lights on and off for me or tracking me into my own database for history/statistics.  It automates many things for me on my phone, you can even view a partial list of such things.

Fair Email

K9 email went through a long period of few updates and I migrated to Fair Email, which is a rather good client and fits my needs well


I am a weather nerd and Flowx gives me SO much weather info


Extremely detailed information on upcoming rain and radars


Best etext reader, hands down, I've read hundreds of books on fbreader over the years


Private diary of notes, reminders, and just "what happened today".  I reference it a lot to remind myself when something happened or when is the last time I trimmed the ferret claws

And there are many, many other apps I use - I have tons of apps, maybe I'll think of more to add to this list to highlight.