Tinkering, piddling, and farting around

Nothing is worse than wanting to get something done and you just don't have the right tools. One of the right tools for me was buying a new workbench!

Tinkering, piddling, and farting around
Lots of drawer space to put all kinds of stuff, as long as it's thin though anyway

I've always tinkered with stuff but the 'rona gave me a lot of time to piddle with more stuff and I've been expanding and improving my tinkering abilities.  I got a workbench that can double as a standing desk, can take a beating, and has plenty of built-in storage with two wide drawers.

It's a bit of a mess in this picture, I don't normally tinker on Pineapple juice.  But in the top right from right to left is my variable bench power supply (30V, 10A), my annoying auto-off-all-the-time multimeter (which is pretty okay, but powers itself off even if you're using which infuriates me), my Bakon T12/T15 soldering iron mounted onto my backstop, my cheapy soldering iron stand that I really need to improve, soldering tip cleaner.  Middle of the table is a cutting mat which I swap back and forth with a silicone soldering iron mat, depends on what I'm doing).  In the drawers are my extra meter cables, soldering tips, solder, screwdrivers, driver bits, pliers, cutters, screws, heat shrink tubing, desoldering pump, zip ties, etc.  Most of the stuff I need any time I'm tinkering.  I used to keep all this in a toolbox and in various containers and it's great to have immediate access to it.

Not shown here is my Electrix light/magnifying lens mounted in the back-left corner of the desk with an LED replacing the original halogen bulb.

Out in the garage, I keep all the wire, connectors, project boxes, prototyping PCBs, resistors, caps, etc.  I still need to get a variety pack of diodes, transistors, some more Deoxit, etc.

In case anyone is curious, here's the bare table and my simple modifications to it.  I added a backstop with holes in it so I could run power cables through easily.  There's a power strip attached to the back of this backstop in the middle and on the corners is a small backstop so nothing sneaks off the back corners of the table.  The wood was cut to size, sanded, and sprayed with clear lacquer paint to protect it from bumps.