who is this?

I'm a photographer, a husband, a dad, a geek, a sysadmin, a cat lover, a bofh, a guy...

I run theblackmoor.net, unlimitedphoto.com, khayts.us, necessary-evil.org, an opennap node for Necessary Evil, spool mail for people, host user accounts for friends..

I see things, pictures, scenes, light, darkness. I allow my limitations to force me to achieve what is possible with what I have.

I play, tinker, alter, hack, mutilate scripts and programs for fun and utility.

I enjoy scenery, kittens, photo ops, my daughter, my wife, my friends, technology.

I read Jules Verne, O.S. Card, Edgar Allen Poe, Orson Wells, Larry Niven, Arthur Conan Doyle.

I display works of art from Ansel Adams, various photographers, and humbly myself.

I am me.